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Float art studio in Lake Tyers


A Small Town Transformations project based at Lake Tyers Beach, East Gippsland, Victoria

FLOAT is a STUDIO – for lake-loving artists-in-residence.

FLOATing on Lake Tyers.

FLOAT is an ARTWORK in itself.

FLOAT is for OBSERVING weather. NAVIGATING nature. Telling STORIES. Making ART.

FLOAT will produce a MAP - by which to navigate & camp @ Lake Tyers.

FLOAT will kick start an ART CAMP - that can underpin a glamping social enterprise.

FLOAT FM is the radio station - that will broadcast our story to the world.

FLOAT will attract artists who will be inspired to respond to this fabulous Lake.
Their work and the conversations they start, will bring global attention to the environment.

By creating a MUST DO journey for adventurous artists and environmental travellers.
With cross-cultural co-operation we can create EXTRAORDINARY Art Camp enterprises that will economically, culturally & ethically sustain our small communities.

Lake Tyers Beach, East Gippsland

Opening hours
Contact Float

East Gippsland

T: 0428 984 682

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