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Bonsai trees from Bonsai Island Nursery and Gallery

Bonsai Island Nursery and Gallery

Whether you’re a novice to bonsai or an experienced grower, there is something here to help you grow beautiful bonsai.

It’s not about the ‘age’ of the tree, necessarily. It’s about ‘how old it looks’.

There are species we recommend as ‘bonsai for impatient people’ – trees that develop aged-looking, crusty bark quickly; others that have very small leaves and flowers to give you a wonderful sense of proportion in material that looks ‘tree-like’ very early in its life; some, especially Australian natives, that grow fast and produce good results quickly.

There is, however, no substitute for time, patience and daily care of your bonsai. Unless you have the discipline to check your bonsai frequently for water requirements, pests & disease, consider another hobby! You are dealing with live plant material that is dependant on you for moisture, nutrients and the right growing conditions.

If you have always wanted a bonsai – or if you saw ‘The Karate Kid’ movies years ago and fancy yourself as a disciple of Mr Miyagi – we recommend Chinese Elm, Juniper and Ficus, because they’re easy to grow while you learn about bonsai.

32 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven

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Bass Coast Shire

Elaine Brown
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