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  • Please add the contact details for the person submitting this listing. These details are not shown on the website.
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  • Description

  • Please provide a description that is interesting and invites people to visit. Length can be a few paragraphs. For Open Studios please include information such as the artist style, inspiration and medium used.*
  • List the days and times you are open
  • Please choose the shire your listing in located within:
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    These details will be shown on the listing.
  • Images

    Each listing should have great images to attract visitors. Three to four images are ideal. Where possible choose images that are uncluttered and clear, so they are easy to see when viewed on a mobile device.

    Your listing will not be accepted if suitable images are not supplied. To submit your images they must be:
    - at least 2MB, no larger than 6MB
    - in jpg format
    - in landscape (horizontal) format

    Photo credits
    Save your jpg in the following manner: Listing Name-image title. Eg, Joe Bloggs-Autumn Leaves-oil on canvas.jpg Image titles will be used for photo credits.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 6 MB, Max. files: 4.