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Graeme Myrteza

Creative Gippsland’s Karen Whitaker-Taylor recently received a lovely letter from Rosalie Campbell of the Dargo Winter Festival Group.

‘The Dargo Community is coming up to its 4th Dargo Winter Arts Festival on the 21st and 22nd of July this year. On reflection of how we got to this point, to yourself at the Baw Baw Shire and your partner in the “Artist in Residence” programme the Wellington Shire the need to express a huge thank you is long overdue.

I am writing to you now to right this wrong and let you know how this programme has served the Dargo Community more than could have been imagined.  To fill you in on our journey until now, it must be said that choosing Graeme Myrteza for the Artist in Residence for Dargo was the perfect fit.  Graeme was the most obliging, flexible and selfless person imaginable, offering his week in Dargo as an open studio,

Graeme painted and allowed others interested to come and paint alongside him or just pop in to see the progress.  Our local budding artists were in awe of his talent and eagerness to drop everything and help them with their own projects.  We all learnt so much and will be forever grateful.  But this wonderful story does not stop there.  Graeme donated his painting to our first Winter Festival and another to our second Festival.  We purchased one from him last year to show our appreciation for his generosity, and the funds raised from auctioning these amazing paintings has contributed to the Festival success.

We still continue to see Graeme and have not only forged a friendship through art but a friendship on a personal level, for which we will cherish for years to come.  So again we thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Artist in Residence programme and know that our town has been and continues to be inspired since participating.’

Thank you Rosalie we really appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to have contributed to the success of the Dargo Winter Arts Festival.  Congratulations to you and the committee on making such a success of the festival and to Graeme for his fantastic support.

Image: Graeme Myrteza