Street parade in Cowes

Come and Play - All of May

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Celebrating the Arts in Gippsland

Creative Gippsland is a network of the six Gippsland councils, who come together to jointly promote our fabulous arts and cultural community with activities and events.

Creative Gippsland welcomes you to May! Come and Play is our annual Gippsland wide, month of May-filled celebration of the region's creativity.

If you are planning to hold your event in a public space, you may need an events permit. Please contact your Council’s Events Team.

If you do not have public liability insurance, you could perhaps partner with a community group. You could also partner with a winery, restaurant, accommodation business, or other arts event to put together a special deal to encourage our visitors to stay longer and enjoy Gippsland!

You need to think carefully how you will also promote your individual event – the more promotion the better! Creative Gippsland will be promoting Come and Play more generally directing people to their website and social media.

Please note: Completion of this form does not guarantee inclusion in the program.

For more information about the Celebration please contact your local Council Creative Gippsland representative.

Please speak with us about any assistance you may need to bring your ideas to fruition!

Applications close 19 April 2019.

Come and Play event registration form

Come & Play Event Registration Form

  • Event Details

  • Event Description

  • Please provide direct booking contact link or contact details:

  • Time and Date

  • Location and venue

  • Organiser

  • Learn more link

  • Event Category

  • Event Shire*

  • Event image

    A great image will help make your event eye catching and also help us to promote it. These images need to be high quality and supplied in the following format: - at least 1.5MB, no larger than 10MB - in landscape (horizontal) format - jpg or png file format. If you don't have a suitable image that meets our requirements please skip the 'upload image' step below, we can still list your event and will use a coloured tile to represent your event in the events calendar.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    Please note: Creative Gippsland may use this image for promotional purposes for the Come and Play - All of May - Celebrating of the Arts of Gippsland.
  • Insurance

    Public Liability Insurance must be held as appropriate for your event. NB. Insurance Details must be completed (and current) for inclusion in the Program.

Pictured above: Shearwater Festival Parade at Cowes