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Great Alpine Arts Trail

Here’s a treat to make your Great Alpine Arts Trail weekend complete – get creative with one of the fabulous workshops and talks on offer on 5th and 6th May, all in the beautiful Tambo Valley between Ensay and Omeo/Benambra. Learn to use local native plants to dye yarn and fibre, try your hand at…

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The Battle

Gippsland’s lush and rugged geography accompanied by its industrial heritage lends itself to much cinematic potential, an almost untapped creative resource which has been utilised to great effect in the past 18 months by local filmmakers around the area.  Last year saw two short films events that showcased local talent through a variety of interesting…

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Visit You’ve invited to visit Creative Gippsland and discover the diverse talents and emerging ideas on offer. Open studios, art galleries, arts markets, theatres, exhibitions, festivals, dance, music and more, its all waiting for you to explore… Visit art galleries in Gippsland > Visit Performing Arts > Visit a Festival in Gippsland > Visit an…

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