Artist in Residence 2018

Come and Play Artists in Residence in 2018


‘A Child and a Giant’ A beautiful image captured during one of Jo Caminiti’s on site painting days as art inspired understanding of nature. Photo by Judy FarmerDrouin’s community group ‘The Friends of Drouin’s Trees’ hosted visual artist Jo Caminiti. The project was hugely successful for both the artist and the community It was a great exercise in team building and working together.
As one of the projects team leaders reflects, “Friends of Drouin’s trees was absolutely blessed to be matched with Jo Caminiti as the artist who not only painted our ten giant trees superbly, but who also had an understanding of why old large trees matter in urban environments. Jo’s environmental background was a huge asset. So many good things came of Jo’s residency! We used the project to engage with the broader community, and used our new Facebook site to spread the word. Jo did great updates and videos of her work in progress. We gained promotion for the environmental assets of Drouin and for artists. Jo was visited by other artists some who joined her to paint. We concluded with a wonderful exhibition which was very well attended promoting the residency and the Friends of Drouin’s Trees group. Jo sold four paintings and three of the other artists also sold paintings either at the exhibition or afterwards.

For Jo herself, the project has certainly led to other exhibitions and work, a plus for the Arts in Gippsland. Jo was a real trooper painting in all weather and certainly gained a number of admirers. She deserves success!
The momentum achieved by the residency has given our group confidence to tackle other environmental issues including meetings with housing developers to ensure more environmentally friendly designs which highlight our trees and use them as a selling point.”

Image: ‘A Child and a Giant’ A beautiful image captured during one of Jo Caminiti’s on site painting days as art inspired understanding of nature. Photo by Judy Farmer.

JAMES VOLLER in South Gippsland

James Voller - Projection, South GIppsland 2018Creative Gippsland’s 2018 Artist in Residence program saw a unique partnership take place with James Voller undertaking a residency in both Loch (South Gippsland) and Lindenow (East Gippsland). James is a photographer and installation artist, whose work explores the social and architectural identity of place.

Originally from New Zealand, the Melbourne-based artist has worked around the world, taking photos of architecture and then placing the images back into unexpected spaces, mostly in the form of digital prints and projections.

Throughout his residency James photo documented the landscapes around both towns, experimenting with new ways to flip and reflect the image. These works were then translated into large scale indoor and outdoor projections.

In Loch these projections filled the extraordinary walls of Loch Hall in a community celebration which included local music, food and a procession down the street to another outdoor projection. This night was so successful that James is now collaborating with a local musician on another small hall art project in the area.




Jenny Petersen - etching in LatrobeAutumn Garden Print Project – Where the botanical and the creative arts meet!

Artists, gardeners and local residents were invited to ‘come and play’ by making nature prints with Jenny Peterson in the Print room at arc Yinnar.

Jenny Peterson encouraged participants to collect and dry plant specimens prior to the printing workshops. Peterson ran four specialised nature printmaking workshops.

The finished prints on paper were displayed as they were made, hanging in the central walkway at arc.  The pop-up installation was completed and ready to launch alongside the related exhibitions Botanica in Gallery arc and SParc on Saturday 19 May 2018.