Birdcage Thursdays

Birdcage Thursdays

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October 21, 2017 @ 7:30 PM

By Sandra Fiona Long, Presented by La Mama Mobile, with project partner For the Crowded House.

What is hoarding? Why can’t it just be ‘cleaned up’?

Genevieve Picot features alongside Sophia Constantine in this new Australian work about Hoarding.

Performed in the round to a physical rhythm of telephone calls, bird calls, lawn bowls and dance moves, within a transforming interactive set by award winning installation artists Joanne Mott, an ageing mother resists her adult daughter every step of the way towards an important inspection.

Birdcage Thursdays takes a theatrically innovative and tragicomic look at the issue of hoarding and some of the complexities around communication across services and the families of those who hoard.

‘Her script is wonderful, a well-paced and managed story as familiar as it felt original. This was not a play about hoarding, but a play about the characters, and we cared.’


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