The Story of Creative Gippsland

Creative Gippsland is a collection of inspirational and exciting artists, events, exhibits, festivals and productions set against an ancient, stunning backdrop that makes up the story of our region. We are a collection of communities working together to promote the diverse talent, rich heritage, unique nature and creative culture throughout Gippsland.

Our aim is to help you on a voyage of discovery to find some exclusive hidden treasures right on your doorstep. So stray from the bustle of the city for a while and embrace the warm welcome that lies in our stunning scenery, delicious food and inspirational people.

Our website covers all the events, festivals, productions, exhibitions and performances that happen all year round in this area. We are more than just a What’s On Guide, we aim to inform, delight, inspire and move our visitors enough to want to share their discoveries with their friends and help us to make Creative Gippsland a cultural hive of activity.

Creative Gippsland is proud to be supported by the Regional Arts Victoria’s Wellington-based Regional Arts Development Officer (RADO).

The Backdrop

Gippsland is that large slice of creative energy that is eastern Victoria, stretching from Philip Island to Mallacoota. The filling of this creative cake comprises the regions of Bass Coast, Baw Baw, South Gippsland, Latrobe City, Wellington and East Gippsland.

Our area is as diverse as the characters who live and work here, ranging from rolling hills to mountainous terrain; secluded beaches to ancient forests. If you think you know Gippsland then think again as we are full of surprises!

Why not indulge yourself and experience the many delights our region has to offer? Go ahead, find out more and be inspired by Gippsland.

You can find out more about discovering the length and breadth of Gippsland at
Inspired by

Gippsland Arts Festival

The Gippsland Arts Festival showcases and celebrates the vibrant burst of creativity in this area.

The whole of Gippsland will be invaded by artists, bands, groups, performers, exhibits, galleries and much more, all hoping to make you laugh, cry, sing, dance and most of all to be inspired. This is your chance to catch a show, take in a performance, view an exhibition, rock with our beat and participate in one of our many events, some of which are completely and utterly FREE!

Be a part of something magical and discover Gippsland’s worst kept secret. We guarantee that you won’t be able to keep it a secret either!

Discover the magical world of Creative Gippsland

There is something unique, something astonishing and something magical happening in Gippsland, shared by those lucky enough to experience it…. Will you be one of them?

Take a journey of discovery to explore intriguing street festivals; catch a glimpse of an uplifting performance; sneak a peek at some amazing art displays; grab a bite of local cuisine and let your spirit be captured by Gippsland.

Creative Gippsland embodies the creative heart of this vast region. A warm welcome awaits you from friends you have yet to meet. So join in the dancing, enrol for a workshop, chat with the artists and stroll through some of our most stunning artwork of all - our breathtaking surroundings.

We're much closer than you might think and with so much happening to entertain, awe, delight and inspire, you might end up staying longer than you planned!

This site offers just a snapshot of what is available in the Gippsland area; rather like looking through a keyhole - the whole picture will only reveal itself once you open the door and come on in!

The word is out, so share your experience on Facebook and let's spread the magic!